Solar Monitoring, Controlling &
Troubleshooting made Simple

“A Hub to Create
Energy Efficiency”

About Marshall

  • Marshall is a smart device that enhances your
    energy system and optimises energy usage.

  • It is connected to a digital platform that
    securely integrates and connects a variety of
    energy devices such as inverters, batteries, EV
    chargers and electric water heating equipment.

  • It enables you to configure devices remotely.

  • Marshall is the ideal solution for apartments and commercial buildings in sharing common solar and battery plus EV chargers.

Full monitoring
and control

Divert excess solar

View entire fleet

Remote commissioning
and update

System Owners

  • Divert your excess solar to heat
    water or charge your car and
    minimise export to the grid

  • Enable remote diagnostics and

  • Make power more reliable and
    also beat rising power bills

  • EV charger fleet load balancing and
    sharing of common solar and battery
    systems made easy for multi dwelling
    units and commercial buildings

Electricity Network Companies

  • Enable flexible export control,
    VPP and meet DER standards

  • Gain visibility “behind the meter”
    including EV charger use

  • Fleet monitor, and “batch”
    control multiple devices

  • Robust and reliable connection
    with Marshall’s own SIM

Equipment Suppliers

  • Configure and commission your
    device fully and remotely

  • Perform online remote updates

  • Control and troubleshoot
    remotely – save on site visits

  • Predictive maintenance enabled

We are here to help you take
control of your energy.

About ZECO Energy

Based mainly in Melbourne, our team has a mix of youth and experience. All of us have only one thing in common – an attitude to provide BEST IN CLASS products and service to customers. We developed our systems, skills and infrastructure around this attitude. Even our contractors share the same goal and attitude. We understand solar, battery storage, and EV chargers. Our installation team installs residential and commercial systems
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“ With the benefit of thousands of residential installations and hundreds of commercial installations, our team ensured simplicity is at the core of this device. Simply plug in the Marshall “Black Box” to the Solar Inverter through ethernet cable.
Marshall Black Box has its own SIM card with a long term plan.”
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