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The name ZECO represents what our business is

In Australia, we are at the beginning of a major energy transformation. This energy transformation or disruption will impact every Australian now and for years to come. We at ZECO saw this in early 2014 and wanted to be part of this once in a generation transformation.

Whether you are powering your home or business, running a vehicle, we can help you gain energy independence. Yes, energy independence means you take control of your energy needs at ZERO or lowest cost possible. What’s more, at ZECO we only do smart renewables.

Today, ZECO team focuses on the following key business segments.

Solar, battery and
EV chargers

For homes and businesses

Technical Support

For major global brands such as Samsung SDI, Hanwha Q Cells, Delta and Jemena Electricity Network PPA sites


A smart device that combines solar inverters, batteries, EV chargers and electric water heating equipment into a single Dashboard. Ideal for homes, multi storied dwelling units, commercial buildings and multiple car parks in shopping centres.

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